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North-west Yorkshire

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Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2017)


Navigating the gazetteer

We have adopted a regional structure to the gazetteer slightly different to that employed by Ivan Margary. We are launching the Gazetteer with Yorkshire region; this currently is the only operational link. Click on the map to bring up a list of roads for a region (currently Yorkshire), then select an individual road entry to open the appropriate gazetteer page. The individual road’s page will open in a new tab in your browser.

The entry for each road provides you with: a route map, links to relevant online data sources e.g. HER and Pastscape, Margary’s full text for the road (if he wrote one), link to RRRA discussion forum for the road,  and an illustrated summary and analysis of historic and recent research with a description of the route as it is currently understood.  

Some roads outside a region, but heading into it, are therefore relevant and included in the regional lists so, for example, in Yorkshire, RR2d and RR28a in Lincolnshire are included because they were built as part of routes entering the territories of the Parisi and the Brigantes, the area we now call Yorkshire.

The gazetteer has been designed to stand alongside an interactive map, currently being developed, which will allow you to view a highly detailed online map of all the known and suspected Roman roads in Britain.

Work on the Gazetteer started in 2016 and has been launched with the Yorkshire Region, compiled by Mike Haken, which covers some 964 miles of Roman roads, over 10% of the British network. We will proceed one region at a time with the North West region to follow next.

RRRA have been proud to host David Ratledge’s Lancashire pages for the past four years, along with his Cumbria pages since 2017.  We will be working with David to transfer his work into standard Gazetteer format during 2018, although in the mean time his Lancashire and Cumbria pages remain available by clicking on the North West region opposite (Update November 2018 - Cheshire pages now added!). The North East will follow in 2019, work for which has already begun.  The full Gazetteer is expected to be complete by December 2022.