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North-west Yorkshire

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North West Region

For many years, David Ratledge’s webpages on Roman roads in Lancashire were hosted by Lancashire County Council, providing an excellent summary of Lancashire’s Roman roads, to a higher level than was then was then available online for any other county. After the inexplicable decision by Lancashire County Council to remove them in 2014, RRRA have been very proud to host David’s work: their loss was very much our gain. For the last three years, David has not only been keeping his Lancashire pages up to date (last update 18/3/18), but has also been working extensively with LiDAR to provide a review of the Roman roads in Cumbria. Completing work begun by the late Hugh Toller, David’s work changes conventional understanding of the Roman road network in Cumbria.

During 2018, David’s work on both Lancashire and Cumbria will be converted into the standard RRRA gazetteer format, following the pattern used for Yorkshire region, and the region will be completed with the addition of Cheshire. In the mean time, his original pages remain available here.

Lancashire Pages Cumbria Pages Cheshire Pages


David Ratledge and Neil Buckley have now completed a set of pages for Cheshire using David’s usual format. These can be accessed using the link above, and will remain live whilst the North West Region pages in standard RRRA format are being prepared.