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The Antonine Itinerary - Iter 1

From Bremenio (High Rochester, Northumberland)

To Praetorio (Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire)

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The sum of the mileages does match the total given in the heading, however there are obvious errors. The association of Clausentum with the known Roman site at Bitterne, Hampshire, has been made since the eighteenth century but there is is no other corroboration for this. The distance from Bitterne to Winchester is ten miles too far but an omission by a copyist of a single “x” is a potentially simple explanation.

Another possibility worth consideration is that Clausentum may have been the Roman site of uncertain nature at Wickham, Hampshire (Pastscape mon. 234684), which is about 20 Roman miles from Chichester. Unfortunately, it is 14.5 Roman miles from Winchester and a Town zone of 4.5 miles would be unprecedented and excessive. On balance, Bitterne remains the favourite contender.

The other errors in mileage are almost impossible to explain whilst keeping the given total mileage the same. It must have been altered in some way, either erroneously or deliberately. Given that the place-names are known with certainty, it is perhaps best to simply use this section as a prime example of how multiple errors have crept in over two millenia.  Iter VII serves as a warning for anyone trying to use the figures to find a missing or un-attributed name, to proceed with extreme caution.

Rivet, A.L.F. & Smith, Colin (1979); The Place-names of Roman Britain; B.T. Batsford Ltd., London


Itinerary Text

Itinerary Distance

Modern name

Actual Roman Miles


Margary route number


Item a Regno Lundinio, m.p. xcvi sic. (also, from Chichester to London, 96 miles, thus)


m.p. xx




RR 421

Should read m.p. xxx

Venta Belgarum

m.p. x




RR 42b

Galleva Atrebatum

m.p. xxii




RR 42a


m.p. xxii




RR 4a


m.p. xxii




RR 4a

Itinerary total

m.p. xcvi

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