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Launching with Yorkshire (964 miles, about 10% of the nation’s Roman roads), the gazetteer, when completed, will present the results of the first comprehensive survey of all Britain’s Roman roads since Ivan Margary’s final edition of “Roman Roads in Britain” in 1973. David Ratledge’s famous Lancashire and Cumbria pages can still be accessed from here (David Ratledge and Neil Buckley’s Cheshire pages added - November 2018)

An account of the system devised by Ivan Margary to number Britain’s Roman roads, which the RRRA is now extending to cover all Roman roads discovered since Margary’s death in 1976.

 Including some new interpretations.

The document that would have been as invaluable to students of Roman Britain as the Antonine Itinerary, had it not been a hoax perpetrated by Charles Bertram in the 18th century.

Definitions and explanations of technical terms and words used in this website.

Brief biographies of the archaeologists,  researchers, and antiquaries whose work on Roman roads is referred to in the text.


This website, launched by the Roman Roads Research Association in Spring 2018, provides a comprehensive online resource focusing on Roman roads in Britain.

Covering all of Britain’s Roman roads, the Gazetteer, when completed, will be the first survey of Britain’s Roman roads since Ivan Margary’s final edition of Roman Roads in Britain in 1973, now woefully out of date and often inaccurate. We aim to provide an up to date evaluation of each Roman road and, since new discoveries are being made all the time this online resource gives us the flexibility to make amendments and additions.  

A fully up to date interactive map of Britain’s Roman roads is currently under development, and will be introduced in due course. .

Image of excavation of RR28b near Thorpe Audlin, W. Yorkshire, provided by Eric Houlder © Eric Houlder, LRPS all rights reserved