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Roman Roads in Yorkshire.

The map above is interactive - simply click on any road to bring up a detailed and illustrated summary. Hovering over military sites and settlements (the red and yellow icons) will also bring up their labels. Alternatively, scroll down this page for a list of all the known and probable Roman roads in Yorkshire - each road name is clickable and will bring up it’s gazetteer entry. With a county of such a size, it is no surprise that there are 51 entries , although we have also included RR2d and RR28aa in Lincolnshire, roads whose sole function was to access the territories of the Parisi and the Brigantes, the two late Iron Age tribal territories that make up modern Yorkshire.

The numbering system used is that originally developed by Ivan Margary in the mid 20th century, which provides a consistent form of identification. To accommodate roads identified after Margary’s death in 1976, we have continued to use his system but have added an (x) suffix. Numbers bearing the prefix RRX were awarded by the Ordnance Survey’s Archaeological Division who (for reasons best known to themselves) did not follow Margary’s logical numbering system: wherever such roads have been proven to be of Roman origin they have now been awarded numbers using Margary’s original system with the (x) suffix.

To give some historical background to this work, there is an overview of the work of the many antiquaries and researchers who have made contributions to our understanding of the Roman road network in Yorkshire over the last five decades, and this can be accessed via the “Previous Research in Yorkshire” button above.

All entries are the work of Mike Haken, although many thanks are due to Jayne Knight for editing the draft text, a not inconsiderable task. I must also thank some of the many individuals who have contributed, assisted and advised over the many years it has taken to compile these entries, in particular the late Hugh Toller, David Ratledge, Bryn Gethin, Pete Wilson, John Poulter, Olly Cooper, and the staff at Yorkshire’s many HERs.

Possible Roman Road from Bainbridge to Healam Bridge

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2017)

18e Ricknild Street, Chesterfield to Templeborough

18ee Ricknild Street, alternative route

18f(x) Templeborough to Thorpe Audlin

189 Catcliffe to Oldcoates

2d Lincoln to Winteringham

2e Brough to Stamford Bridge

28a Scampston to Doncaster

28aa Lincoln to Scampton

28b Doncaster to Tadcaster

28c Tadcaster to York

280 Hazlewood to Whixley, The Rudgate

281 The Cantley Spur

282(x) Rossington southwards

283(x) Castleford westwards

29 South Newbald to Malton

290 Brough - Welton - Swanland

710b Brough on Noe to Templeborough

710c Templeborough to Doncaster

8b Aldborough to Catterick

8c Catterick to Binchester (as far as Piercebridge)

80a Stamford Bridge (?) To the R. Tees

800 York through Stockton on the Forest

801 York via Bootham to ?

802(x) York to Hovingham

803(x) York to Barlby or Hemingborough

81a Stamford Bridge to Malton  

81b Malton to Whitby

810 York to Stamford Bridge to Bridlington  

811 Fridaythorpe to Bridlington

812 Malton to Bridlington?

813 Malton to Bainton

814 Malton to Hovingham

815 Malton to (?)

816 Malton to Filey

817 - Scarborough

82 Scotch Corner to Penrith

712  Manchester to Thorner

715(x) Melandra to Highstones

72a Ribchester to Ilkley

72b Ilkley to Tadcaster

720a Manchester to Ilkley

720aa Ripponden to Rastrick

720b Ilkley to Aldborough

721  Doncaster to Elslack

722 Skipton to Settle

728 Temple Newsam

729 Tadcaster to Scarcroft

73 Bainbridge to Burrow in Lonsdale

730 Bainbridge to Ilkley

731 Sedbergh to Kirby Stephen Links to David Ratledge’s Cumbria page

732(x) Bainbridge to Bowes or Greta Bridge

733 Bainbridge to Wensley and Catterick

8a York to Aldborough

Roman Road 18e

Roman Road 72b

Roman Road 720b

Roman Road 72a

Roman Road M720a

Roman Road 721

Roman Road 722

Roman Road M7c

Roman Road 7b

Roman Road 73

Roman Road

Bainbridge to Mallerstang

Roman Road 730

Roman Road 732(x)

Roman Road M82

Roman Road 820

Roman Road 8c

Roman Road 8b

Roman Road 28c

Roman Road 28a

Roman Road 28b

Roman Road 712

Roman Road 720aa

Roman Road RRX134

Roman Road 710b

Roman Road 710c

Roman Road 18ee

Roman Road 282(x)

Roman Road 728

Roman Road 18f(x)

Roman Road 283(x)

Roman Road 280

Roman Road 729


Brough Fort and Vicus

Augill Beck Signal Tower

Punchbowl Signal Tower

Johnson’s Plain Signal Tower

Maiden Castle Fortlet

Roper Castle Signal Tower

Rey Cross Temporary Camp

Bowes Moor Temporary Camp

Bowes Moor Signal Tower

Vale House Signal Tower

Cow Close Temporary Camp

Rokeby Shrines

Greta Bridge Fort & Vicus

Piercebridge Pottery Kiln

Holme House Villa

Carkin Moor (E. Layton) Fort


Bainbridge Fort & Vicus

Cleveland Street

Roman Road 731 between Sedbergh & Kirkby Stephen

Possible Roman Road from Bainbridge to Catterick

Roman Road 815

Cantley Spur, RR281

Traditional but doubtful route of M2e between Barmby on the Moor and York

Hotspot_M712 Other roads claimed to be Roman Other roads claimed to be Roman North-west Other roads claimed to be Roman North-west Hotspot_M712 North-west Hotspot_M712

Roman Road 189

Flamborough Head Signal Station

Scarborough Signal Station

Filey Signal Station

Ravenscar Signal Station

Whitby Possible Signal Station

Roman Road 802

Seamer Villa (?)

Staxton Fort

Lease Rigg Fort

Cawthorn Fort

& Camps Complex

Roman Road 81b

Wades Causeway

Roman Road 817

Roman Road from Malton to Filey 816

Roman Road M812

Roman Road 811

Roman Road 810

Roman Road 813

Malton Fort

Roman Road 80a

Buttercrambe Moor Temporary Camp

Wath Temporary Camp

Roman Road 2e

Roman Road 81a

Roman Road 29

Possible Roman Road southwards from Bawtry

Scaftworth Fort

Roman Road 80a

Roman Road 814

Roman Road 8a

Roman Road 715(x)

Roman Road 290

Roman Road M815


Brough on Humber

Fort & Civitas Capital

Roman Road 800

Winteringham Settlement

Hayton Fort & Vicus

Shiptonthorpe Settlement


Stamford Bridge Fort(?) & Settlement

Bootham Stray Temporary Camps

Huntington Temporary Camps

Rossington Bridge Vexillation Fortress

Burghwallis Fort


York Legionary Fortress

& Colonia


Tadcaster Settlement


Doncaster Fort & Vicus

Long Sandall Fort

Nostell Priory Settlement

Roall Manor Fort

Templeborough Fort & Vicus


Castleford Fort & Settlement

Castleshaw Fort & Vicus

Worlow Military Site

Slack Fort & Vicus

Newton Kyme Fort,

Vicus & Temporary Camps

Ilkley Fort and Vicus

Ribchester Fort & Settlement

Elslack Fort and Vicus

Adel Fort & Settlement

Isurivm Brigantvm

Aldborough, Civitas Capital

Thorpe Audlin Fortlet


Catterick Fort, Town & Camp

Breckenbrough Temporary Camp


Brigantian Oppidum

Piercebridge Fort

Vicus, Bridge, Settlement


Binchester Fort & Vicus

Roecliffe Fort & Vicus

Mastiles Lane Temporary Camp

Wensley Fort


Bowes Fort & Vicus

Healam Bridge Fort & Vicus

Leeds, Possible Settlement

Huntcliff Signal Station

Goldsborough Signal Station

Historical Background

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